Navigating Home Assistant (For Beginners)

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Hey guys,

I’ve put together a series of videos to highlight and explain the Home Assistant User Interface. These videos are aimed at people totally new to Home Assistant. It follows on from my Home Assistant installations.

Part 1 is available now. It covers the Dashboard user interface, and adding cards and views.
Part 2 will cover the main guts of Home Assistant that lie within the sidebar.

If your interested you can check it out here :

Nice idea but how are we supposed to edit this guide when it eventually becomes out of date?


Hey Tom. Obviously a fair point but it’s the same with all video guides. I also have a written guide which will be available on my site (and easily updateable). The idea of this is just to be helpful for this relevant period in video format :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s why I and many other frequent forum users tell newbies to not watch any youtube videos. Who knows, maybe next release something changes and your video will be inaccurate.
Better to post the written guide here.


Yeah written guide here would be best, with a link to the video if you like.

That way anyone can edit the guide and remove the video link when it becomes out of date.


I will be sure to bare that in mind for the future :slight_smile: