Navigating/Paginating through different floorplans which are in different homeassistant views

My Home Assistant version: 0.117.6

What I am doing:
In a home assistant I have 3 different floorplans (in three different tabs) using floorplan lovelace card. Each of them has multiple pages, where I can navigate through them using the builting navigation feature provided by floorplan. The things is that I want to use browser_mode.navigate for moving between the different floorplans. That’s the way I’m using the browser_mode.navigate in multiple parts from the floorplan:

  - action:
    - data:
        navigation_path: /lovelace/floorplan_1
        deviceID: this
      service: browser_mod.navigate
    element: element_in_floorplan

What I expected to happen:
I expect that I can navigate without problems, using different users and different browser.

What happened instead:
Some users can use the navigation functionality without problems in some browser, whereas there are some other which cannot do it. The networking shows a lot of traffic each time I click the floorplan button for executing home assistant, but the page does not switch.

For circumventing this issue, I found that the following link
provided an acceptable solution. However, the page needs to be reload.