Navigating the Bluetooth-Zigbee Conundrum with Linptech MMWave Sensor

Greetings, wonderful community!

I recently acquired a Linptech MMWave sensor from Aliexpress, only to realize that what I have is the Bluetooth version instead of Zigbee. Surprise, surprise! :sweat_smile: The hitch is, returning it seems to cost an arm and a leg in shipping fees compared to the product itself. Now, I’m on a quest for solutions.

I’m curious if there’s a savvy workaround to convert this Bluetooth version to Zigbee or perhaps use a Bluetooth proxy to smoothly transmit the data. Anyone out there with similar experiences or insights?

Here’s the twist—I’m a bit green when it comes to soldering, and if there’s a way to tackle this without getting my hands dirty with it, that would be fantastic.

Looking forward to your valuable suggestions and experiences. Thanks a bunch! :rocket::wrench: