Navigation_path doesn't work

hi all,

I’m trying to navigate from a tab to another, but it doesn’t work, and I don’t find why ?

I’m using this

  - type: icon
    icon: 'mdi:arrow-up'
      action: navigate
      navigate_path: /lovelace/1er/

could you help me ?

Hello, Did you call your view “1er” as well ?
You should have something like this on top of your view “1er”

  - title: <Your title>
    path: 1er

my view “1er” has been configured with 1er in the url settings of the view.

maybe i forgot to give you some precisions
all my views are working good, what i try to do is having an icon in a picture element of a view with a tap_action who redirect on an other view.

typically my view is a floorplan and i would like to put an icon on the stairs to go an other view

Ok… can you share the first few lines of the view ? Just the begining before the first card…

my icon with tap action is in rdc view

  - title: RDC
    path: rdc
    panel: true
  - title: 1er
    path: 1er
    panel: true

Maybe because the name is starting with a number (generally in HA in this case you have to use quotes)… try to change the path to full letters like f.i. “firstfloor” and try again… I do not see any other reason not to work except this one…

same result with text path

More questions: do you created the views using the UI or in yaml mode ? All your views are in the same file (ui-lovelace.yaml) ? Can you see all your views in the bar at the top of your screen ?

all views have been created with ui.
i didn’t know in with file the ui place the views.
yes i can see my view in the upper tab-bar, and i can use it normally

You are mentionning my “view” but you should have at least two views or icons : one for “RDC” and the other for “1er”… If you have, I am stuck… I have to confess that I have no expertise with UI as I am creating my views directly in yaml…

yes i have. i have 5 views (the standard, 3 floors, and a view for test)