Navigation to conifguration after snap install on a raspberry pi - Integration YouTube Music

Hi, I installed HA on a raspberry pi and its working very well but I want to install some extra HACS and also play aroubnd with YAML and can’t find the files. Can anyone help? Specifically right now:

I want to integrate YouTube Music so I have unstalled the respository ytube_music_player

  1. Do I also need the mini-player installed to begin with?
    GitHub - kalkih/mini-media-player: Minimalistic media card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI
    Let us assume that I do for now…
    “1. Move into your config/www directory” - I can’t find this on my system.
    pi@raspberrypi:/var/snap $ ls
    core core20 hello-world home-assistant-configurator home-assistant-hacs home-assistant-snap

Also need to copy cookie from the browser into the integration - I am struggling a bit with that but it might be to do with not having the media player installed