Neabot (Robot Vacuum) Integration

Can you please integrate support for the full range of Neabot robot vacuum cleaners.
Current integration includes:

I have one of those as well. Would be great to be able to control from HA.

I would also like this integration to be possible. I have a Neabot Q11 and it’s a great product, but support with home assistant would make it so much better!

me too

Me too! I have the “NOMO” (N1) and I friggin love it!
I made a post on the HA subreddit too;


I would like to have this integration as well

Yes, I would like this too please!

Hi everyone… Any news about this integration?

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Has somebody of your the api reverseengeniert?

Is here something going on, regarding Neabot Integration?
Would be great ! thx in advance