Neato botvac d4

I noticed the documentation has confirmation of the D3 and D5 has anyone purchased the D4 and has it working with Home Assitant

Every botvac that is connected and using the neato api should be supported…if not we can always work to get it added

I will get it in a few weeks and let you know

Hi, I’m curious to know about the result; did you have success when integrating D4 with HA?

I did, the integration works great. I start he vacuum 10 minutes after I leave the house. Only real thing to do is make sure the vacume area is free of cord and obstacles.

Once I did the mapping run which took a while I was able to use no go lines in the iPhone/iPad app and make sure it did not go in place where it would get stuck.

I am very happy with my purchase.


I’ve been considering getting the d4 as well. I have the d3 right now and the integration with HA is great. I even have it spit out the map into my discord when its done, you know because why not :). I want to move my D3 to our upstairs and let the D4 take over my main level. So even though the docs say only D3 and D5 good to know that the D4 will work just fine.

All connected botvacs are supported. Your just looking at a note about a firmware update for the D3 and D5 that enables a mapping feature. At the very top of the docs we link to all the connected robots that Neato sells. Basically if its using the Neato API it can be controlled :slight_smile: