Neato platform needs newer pybotvac to support Neato D7?

Not sure if this is the right place to post about this, but here goes anyway…
I’ve spent the later part of the evening trying to figure out why the Neato platform refuses to load and after some deep diving in the logs and random googling I ended up in pybotvac on github. To my amateur eye (looking at the logs) it seems like the D7 isn’t supported by the pybotvac lib the Neato platform currently uses (I currently run 0.84.6).

It seems like code to support the D7 has been added to pybotvac lib about a month ago. Will this automagically be pulled in to the next HA release or does it work? There seem to be a few implementations out there, but the one having the changes for the D7 is this one:


I’m waiting for this too :slight_smile:

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Waiting for it too

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Neato D7 support fixed in 0.85.1! :+1: