Nedis Smart doorbell in Frigate

Hi all!

I’m pretty new to HA and need som help.
I have a Nedis Smartlife Video Doorbell (model: WIFICDP20WT) that is connected to Tuya smart. I get it to work in home assistant. Now i want to connect this camera to Frigate.
I get no image (I have another camera up and running but that is a Tapo camera).

I get this error

This is what i added in my config
Doorbel code

I guess that i have the RTSP path wrong. Anyone that can help me? (on a basic level please)

Got this answer fron Nedis

"We do not have any stream RTSP for this doorbell.

Battery powered camera devices do not have ONVIF either,
Perhaps you can use Home Assistant for that?
We do not provide support for HA.
You can use the Tuya API to integrate it in HA"

I have the Tuya integration but want to see the camera in Frigate