Nedis Smartlife WiFi Smart Plug (WIFIP130FWT) not compatible?

I recently bought a pair of Nedis Smartlife WiFi Smart Plug (WIFIP130FWT) since I got the impression that these should work in Home Assistant via the Tuya Integration and choosing Smart Life account.

But when I try to enter the same username and password as I use in the Android app, I just get an error saying “Invalid authentication”
What can cause this?
Are there different types of Smart Life integrations?
Will we see support for this hardware?

One link to the smart plug:

Thank you.
And Happy New year :slight_smile:

i had similar issue… yöu should choose “Tuya” not “Smart life”… i tought also that “tyua” is header and “smartlife” type

HI. Thanks for replying.
I have tried all combinations there is.
I have also tried both username and email address.
But all combinations still says " Invalid authentication"


I had the same issue but with a Nedia Wifi Smart Plug WIFIIPO120FWT (Outdoor Plug). I eventually got it working by giving up on the NedisSmartLife App to register the devices as it doesn’t seem to be supported in the Tuya Integration, (The SmartLife account option in home assistant, is a different app to the NedisSmartLife version).

Anyway, I reset the devices and used the Tuya App instead to register devices on my phone, then when I installed the Tuya Integration I selected Tuya account, it worked directly!

Hope that helps

This worked like a charm.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile: