Nedis WiFi Smart Plug WIFIP110FWT


Im thinking of buyin Nedis WiFi Smart Plug WIFIP110FWT and was wondering if it is possible to integrate this to HA? Is it the same “brand” as Tuya. If it is possible is it easy?
I would like to have something that is simple to use and uses wifi and can measure and start/stop equipped electronics.
Im all new to HA :slight_smile:

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I bought a couple of these a couple months ago when they were on sale, due to the energy monitoring which usually costs a lot more if compared to Z-Wave or Zigbee devices.

Today when I was going to start using some of them I noticed they did not have an integration with Home Assistant…I guess I should have checked that first. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I see this as an opportunity to try my hand at intercepting the signals that the mobile app sends to see if I can get it working outside of Nedis’ application.
I’ll post here after I have had the time to test this out.

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I checked it a bit more and the Nedis components use or are compatible with Tuya, so I installed the Tuya Smart app and added the WiFi smart plug to that.

Then I added the Tuya integration to HA and called it a day. :grin:


But the Tuya integration is Cloud-Polling, which is the worst kind, because it depends on an external cloud service and any update will be delayed due to polling.

If anyone has a local-polling or local-push alternative, it is preferred. Otherwise, I’ll just look for a different brand.

EDIT: Looks like that device can have a custom firmware updated over Wi-Fi, although I have no experience with that.


Someone any luck on getting these Nedis SmartLife devices to work with HA? I have two power sockets that I would like to add.

Someone any luck in reflashing the device?


Almost a year later, has anyone looked into this in the meantime? I got my hands on 2 Nedis Smartlife wifi plugs for cheap that i’d like to integrate

Keeping the post alive :slight_smile: Me to have some Nedis Devices (their Zigbee Gateway among other things). And did the same mistake as others have done, not reading the info about it not being compatible.

If anyone has any workaround on this, would be awesome! I might have a go at it myself, but is in no way any expert (HA rookie!).

As I understand from a few youtube video’s, flashing the devices with the tuya firmware should enable you to configure local control. At least for wi-fi devices.

As I have just purchased a Nedis water pump I’d love to try some stuff, but profit from others experience beforehand.

This video is 9 months old, so I’m a bit surprised nobody here mentioned it.
HOW TO - Setup Local Tuya in Home Assistant

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Using here this Nedis Smartplug too, but using NOT the Nedis version of Smartlife, but the regular Smartlife app, works perfect, also integrates with Google Home app on android, i see no reason why it should not work with HA.

I currently have 3 Nedis wifip311fwt devices working perfekt in HA, … on my android-phone i have them in Tuya-Smart app, then signed up at Tyua-iot ( ) created developer-basic account etc, and integrated the devices in HA-Local-Tuya, After fetching the “credentials” from iot.tuya … no cloud-no more

Hi guys, just ordered some wifip311fwt.
Is there any way to contact and read from the device with REST-api or something similar?
And is there any knowledge about the communication between the App and device?

BTW my plan is to get integration with openHAB in some way.


It’s a wifi device ( supports curl N Get, among others) !, which ever App do you refers to ? … if your plan is to integrate them in openHAB, you might find better related info in openHAB community

Hi Xandian. Added plugs to the Nedis App works OK,
but how did you connect the plug in Tuya App?

same way as in nedis app, add device

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I found a way, you need to flash it with tasmota. Nedis Smoke Detector Smoke Sensor (WIFIDS10WT) Configuration for Tasmota

ok. I have a lot of these controllers. some of them maybe with older firmware I have downloaded the the smart home app at m mobile and I used a guide to add them to local tuya pretty easy. I used this tutorial HOW TO - Get All Local Tuya Keys (ALL KEYS, SIMPLE, NO SOLDERING) - YouTube

But I have bought some new devices probably with newer firmware and I can not control them. I mean that I use cover as an entity but next I dont know what ID I have to choose and believe I have tried many compinations…

the devices that are using v1.01 are working perfect the devices with ver 1.5.5 can not control them

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