Need a clean single light sensor, with no motion sensor or other sensor together

Hi, I bought a Aqara P1 sensor. I works fine, but if I would like to measure the illumination in a room, that wouldn’t work since it need a motion, to be able to let me.

I would appreciate any suggestions on a simple light sensor, that could sensor changes in illumination.
I use Zigbee protocol.


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I don’t have a P1 so cannot speak for that, but what is the reason for only wanting a lux sensor, cost or size maybe? I ask because you can always just ignore the motion sensor.

Edit: I should add that I use Hue motion sensors which report lux and temperature regardless of whether the motion sensor has detected anything. …are you saying the lux is only reported upon detection of motion in the P1?

Edit2: (answered my own question). This from the Aqara P1 website:

** Built-in light sensor cannot be triggered separately from Motion Sensor

…so perhaps try the Hue motion sensors.

The reason for just wanted a single sensor just for measuring light is because the Aqara P1 wouldn’t output any value of the light. The log contains nothing during a day. I thought that I could be away and if the light would be so low that it would be nice to set my window lights on.

Okey, I maybe should try the Hue sensor then. Thanks for your suggestion.



I use a few Hue sensors and they are great. I also have a couple of Aqara T1 which work well also.

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I had the same problem with motion sensors. I bought two Xiaomi Light Detection Sensor (YTC4043GL) which work great with Zigbee/zha. They update quite quickly.

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i have this exact same need for a simple, small, reliable, standalone light sensor :slight_smile:
I guess i’ll look at the T1 and Xiaomi. Hopefully I can get them in the USA. :pray:t2:
EDIT: aaaand seems it’s not possible to get either of those in the US easily, I’ll have to poke around

How did you get this paired in HA?

I am trying in Z2M and it’s not finding it when in pairing mode :man_shrugging:t3:

I’m also searching for a cheap and compact light/illuminance sensor, ideally using Zigbee. The Aqara T1 (or Xiaomi Light Sensor) would have been perfect, but they aren’t produced any more. The Ikea Vallhorn is cheap, but comparably huge, same for the Hue Motion sensor. The Eve Motion sensor also is comparably large (and I don’t trust Matter yet).

I can still see plenty of the upgraded T1 sensors for sale on Ali.

Oh, thanks for the find. Shipping in 4 weeks, but yes, they still have some, surprisingly.