Need a device to break the circuit of audio cables for home cinema

Hi there,

I am using a 7.1 Pioneer AVR, where in the current set-up I have my left surround speaker feeding the audio signal to an extra speaker outside.

I would like to use home assistant to turn on and off the signal to this extra speaker. So the left surround speaker will always work, but I’m able to just turn off the extra speaker that is being fed by the same cables.

Anyone that has any recommendations for me on how I can make this happen?


First off it is probably not ideal to be connecting and disconnecting speakers to one of your receiver outputs (left surround). Adding and removing the additional speaker is going to change the load impedance and could cause you problems. You will want to ensure that your are not exceeding the impedance limits of the receiver output or this could be an expensive mistake.
With that aside I have used an ESP32 with ESPHome connected to a relay module then used the relay to switch between two different speakers. I am able to control the switching between the speakers via MQTT with a Pushbutton on my HA dashboard.