Need a single climate entity to show in C, while system is in F

I’m in the US and use Fahrenheit as my standard temperature measurement. However, while working with tech, I’m used to Celsius. I’m building a control system for a 3D printer, that registers the printer with HA via MQTT. The temperature readings it takes and displays is in C. I’m trying to have HA NOT convert the temp to F, but no matter the configuration setting I use, it’s converting the C to F.

Is it not possible to have individual temperature scales for different climate entities? It’s fully configured via MQTT and I’d rather not hardcode an entry into the configuration.yaml, as the base code for this is used across a bunch of devices I’ve built.

I know I can likely just value_template it, but I feel like there should just be a way to say “this one climate entity is in C” and solve all the issues at once.

Is it possible? I’m sending both temperature_unit and unit_of_measurement as C with the config. No dice.

You should be able to change the unit of measure on the entity in the settings for the specific entity.

One way to get there is Settings > Devices and Services > Entities. Find your entity. Click on it to bring up the entity details. Click the little gear icon to get to the entity settings. Change the Unit of Measurement.