Need a small zigbee bulb

I have a ceiling fan light with a globe. The bulb that fits is a small refrigerator bulb. All that I have found so far is to large (long). Ideally I would like a 75 watt equivalent. This is my attempt to update the lights. So does anyone know if such a bulb exists?? Thankd

Ikea tradfri?

Perhaps it would help if you post the exact specs of the bulb you are trying to replace?

What do you mean by “small refrigerator bulb”? What is the socket size?

Common socket sizes for refrigerator bulbs are T8 (1 inch diameter), T12 (1 1/2 inch diameter), and T5 (5/8 inch diameter). Once you have determinded the correct socket size start your search from there.

Yup. (At least in the US) different ceiling fans are using bulbs with different bases and sizes and shapes. @edlentz you probably would want to share what the boundary conditions are.

Also, do you plan to keep the lights in your ceiling fan powered permanently? Because smart bulbs would require that so that you can enjoy the smarts.
Would dumb bulbs + smart switches something you would consider?

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This is WAY ‘left field’ (total USA meme, however this might work globally, this version is 110 volt AC however, you will need to search amazon and aliexpress for different voltages)

This is not a zigbee solution, rather a wifi base one. That said, I found these very interesting bulbs and have been impressed with them so far. They require a ‘hack’ to make them ‘cloud free’ and totally controlled only in your home, and of the devices I have found in the ‘remove them from Tuya and make them totally local wifi’ solutions, these are the most ‘pricy’ I’ve done. However, I think I get why they are expensive, as they are the smallest controllable LED warm to cool white and dimmable bulbs I have yet found.

The bulbs are in the ‘Tuya cloud’ world, however I was successful in converting 15 of them to total local control (I use OpenBeken, however I believe Libretiny firmware should work equally as well). I converted them using a software only (no way you could open up these tiny bulbs, I tore one apart as part of my learning and they are a one way package, no way to physically work on them) using Tuya Cloudcutter (found on GitHub).

You will need to get some G9 sockets (if you can make the voltages work) and do a little hill billy tech to get them into your fixture, but if you can you might find a really ‘cool to warm’ solution! Good hunting!

Smart G9 led Bulb 4W 400LM CRI≥90 No Flicker, G9 Smart Light Bulb

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Figuring this out. The bulb is an A15, with a 26 base. So far I have found 40watt equivalent.

A15 size with E25 base, it would be difficult to find any smart bulb with 75W equivalent (1000 lumens). Even if we relax to dumb bulbs, it would still be difficult.

Not applicable for everyone, but if I were you, here is what I would do:

Find Candelabra Led Bulbs, the dumb ones - those can be had with 1000 lumen (or even higher) range. Then I would figure out the adapters to convert E12 base to E26, if the Candelabra bulbs being E12, and hope everything would still fit in your ceiling fan light fixture.
And then, I’d use (dimmer or otherwise) smart switch to control those bulbs.