Need a template, which shows me all open windows + arena name

Hi all,

iam looking for an template which shows me all open windows (name) + the area name of the entity, because iam using generic names for the entities (for reaons)

The goal: I want to expand my current automation which is locking the door, so i get an overview over all open windows (if there any)

you mean smiting like this:

            {%- for s in state_attr('binary_sensor.ramen','entity_id') or []
                  if states(s) == 'on' %}
            {%- if states[s] == now().day %}
            {%- set stamp ='%H:%M' %}
            {%- else %} {% set stamp = '%d/%m - %H:%M' %}
            {%- endif %}
            {%- if loop.first %} {% else %}, {% endif -%}
            {{area_name(s)}}: {{states[s].name.split(' Contact')[0]}} ({{as_local(states[s].last_changed)
            {% else %} Alle ramen dicht
            {%- endfor %}

btw, nice: Arena name :wink: got to remember that one for some of my Area’s…

ofc, the above is interating a grouped helper for the windows, you could do that with the new labels too, or simply iterate over all states… all depends on your own system