Need advice - Aqara door/window with Zooz 700 controller

I have been using Z-Wave JS with Zooz ZST10-700 As my controller and so far it has worked very well.
I purchased Aqara Door Window sensor and was hoping to add it to my setup (reviews I saw online recommended this vs others, including the zooz door sensor).
But, I am not able to add it to home assistant - scanning for devices doesn’t seem to find it).
Do any of you have this combination? Should this work (maybe I have a bad sensor) or would Aqara require a different controller (non Zooz one)?
Appreciate the help.

Aqara devices are Zigbee, not Z-Wave, so you would need a Zigbee controller.

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Oh, how did I miss that :slight_smile: yes- thank you !!!