Need advice for DIY smart control for IR controlled led fixtures


First post and somewhat noob, hope it goes fine :slight_smile:

I recently installed new led light fixtures in my living room - 4 lamps in a 36 square meters space, IR and switch controlled (light temperature can be controlled using the switch as well).

I would like to enhance them with home automation and voice control and could really use some advice.
I don’t have 0-line or neutral in all the wall switches, so I figured the best way will be to get an IR controller for all of them and fit a smart switch inside each each lamp (glued to the top, I guess). The switches will turn the lamps on and off, the IR will then set the light’s temperature and strength on all active lamps. That means I’ll likely have to code something :slight_smile:

First question is - is this the best and simplest solution for my situation?

Second questions is - what equipment should I buy?
For IR controllers, I’ve seen the Broadlink rm mini/pro and Xiaomi.
As for the controllers I’ve seen mentions of Shelly and Sonoff here and there.
I’m not keen on flashing firmware on devices, frankly. I’d like something I’ll have to just connect the wires to, then connect it to HA. Eventually using HA (or IFTTT or something else if needed) to get everything to talk and play together, preferably locally.

Third question is a little off topic. I like the look of glassy smart wall switches - can I still use them without having 0-lines?
Most of the switches are 2- or 3-gang, and most are also 2-way switches (it’s quite a mess, I guess …). If I have a way to use touch switches, will I need also an RF bridge, like the rm pro?

Lastly, in that same space I have an electric roller. I would like to make it “smart” and connected as well. Its switch is part of a 2-gang wall switch. I hadn’t seen a suitable touch wall switch yet, so I figured using Shelly yet again. Is it possible? Maybe there exists a touch switch I can use?

To summarize:

  1. How should I connect my IR controlled ceiling led fixtures to HA?
  2. What equipment should I buy?
  3. (Bonus) Can I still use touch wall switches?
  4. (Bonus 2) How should I connect an electric roller to HA, which shares the wall switch with the garden light wall switch?

Thanks a lot, I’d appreciate any advice