Need advice on what hardware I need to control my Liftmaster openers via MyQ integration and HA

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I have 3 different Liftmaster garage door openers, one for each of my 3 doors, that are currently working via the MyQ app. Every userid/password combo I try to use with the MyQ integration for HA doesn’t seem to work, I get the “invalid authentication” error. So I’m confused as to what userid/password is the one to use?

My hardware config is

Right: Liftmaster 87504-267 with MyQ Control Panel - 880LMW

Center: Liftmaster 8550W-0 with MyQ Control Panel - 888LM

Left: Liftmaster “Formula I” with MyQ Control Panel - 888LM

The Formula I is the original opener (had 3 with the house when new, as they failed I replaced them). When I replaced the center opener I bought a kit that upgraded the control panel to allow it to connect to the center opener and therefore be available on MyQ. The right opener is the newest and it too has its own internal server and the install guy set it up seperately. So on the MyQ app, I see all 3 door openers, but the left connects to the center via its control panel and the right on its own. This is all done at the control panel. The kit also included a LiftMaster Internet Gateway 828LM which I have not used as the left opener, via its control panel, integrates to the MyQ server on the center opener.

So I am not aware of an local internet or MyQ login that I should be using and I’m guessing that is what the HA integration is looking for? Would the LiftMaster Internet Gateway 828LM suffice or would something like the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control - Wireless Garage Hub and Sensor with Wifi & Bluetooth - Smartphone Controlled, myQ-G0401-ES be the right thing? I don’t want to have to buy anything else if I can avoid it, so if there is a way to use a login I’m all for it, but adding one more hub to make this all work via HA is good too!

Problem resolved. Created new co-owner account and login and integrated successfully

Working great. Including from Android Auto in my car. But if I’m not near my house, I need to turn on VPN on phone to gain access to HA server. So going to look into remote access

This didnt wokr for me. I created a new co owner account, invited, and accepted. I then tried to user “username” as that email address, and the password I set. Failed to connect. Any idea? Did you use the app login creds for the co-owner? I am trying to add a device on an 828LM, What device are you using for the liftmaster hub?