Need advices on upgrading Home Assistant core 2021.8.6 running on Raspbian 10 (Buster 32 bits) to the latest

Hi, I haven’t upgraded for some time (don’t fix what ain’t broken) but now, I need to install new devices that needs an updated integration so I have no choice but to upgrade.

Like the title say, I’m currently running Home Assistant core 2021.8.6 on Raspbian 10 (Buster 32 bits) to the latest version.

Is it a simple upgrade or must I do a staging upgrade? How about the OS?


I always recommend to do a staged update for older versions. Update one version and fix any breaking changes. then update to the next version.

You could try to update all at once and you might be OK depending on your system.

as far as OS I was running on Debian 9 until just a few months ago. But my HA install is HA Container so it’s less dependent on the OS.

Again, you just have to try it and see.

Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and made a copy of my SD Card and a backup on my HA system before doing a fresh install Rasbian 11 64 bits. DId have a few breaking changes with MQTT and binary_sensors/sensors/lights hardcoded in the configuration.yaml file to deal with but that’s done and working.

I have two pending issues though. My biggest one is all my Tasmota autodiscovered lights (switches are fine for some reason) are grayed out and not responsive in HA, although they are talking to my MQTT (Mosquitto) since their status light ain’t flashing and visible in MQTT Explorer, so it’s just an HA thing. I need to figure this one out. Hopefully it won’t require an update to Tasmota devices as I have over 20 40 of them.

They all are at version 8.5.1 and show this message:

This entity is no longer being provided by the mqtt integration. If the entity is no longer in use, delete it in settings.

My second remaining issue is this error warning:

Unsupported system - CGroup version

System is unsupported because the wrong version of Docker CGroup is in use. Use the link to learn the correct version and how to fix this.

I haven’t started evaluating this one yet as my Tasmota devices issue takes precedence.


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Got all my Tasmota lights back. Took some times since out of the 40+ devices, about half are lights. I did a OTA update of my Tasmota lights through this URL (updated to V12.2).

I left my Tasmota switches at 8.5.1 alone since they are still working, so far.

I was surprised to see setoption19 was auto turned off. I added the Tasmota integration. Took about two hours. But then, it created all new devices in Alexa so I had to redo all my routines and cleaned up/added devices in their respective rooms. Took as long to clean up there too.

If you want to know why I stayed so long at 2021.8.6, you have a very good reason here. All these breaking changes are a god damned pain to deal with.

Just adding systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=false to the end of /boot/cmdline.txt fixed my Unsupported system - CGroup version :slight_smile:

But they are usually WAY easier to deal with a little at a time for each monthly version update than trying to do them all at once.


Indeed but this time, the bulk of it was the switch from MQTT to Tasmota integration. Yes, I know, it was forced by Tasmota moving away from MQTT. That update was a major PITA.

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