Need Assist from Ikea Fyrtur Blind Owners

I’ve been having a battery drain problem with my Ikea Fyrtur Blinds. For years the batteries lasted for months, but recently they drain in “days”. After a little troubleshooting I see them sending poll packets every second when I enable debug logging on ZHA.

Looks like this is controlled in the PollControl cluster:

In Zigbee Network → Devices → Fyrtur Blind Name → Manage Clusters
Select PollControl cluster

I was wondering if anyone who’s blinds battery are behaving normally (e.g. last for months) could post the values they have in checkin_interval and long_poll_interval? You can get the values by selecting PollControl cluster, then Attributes checkin_interval and click READ ATTRIBUTE. Same with long_poll_interval.

I’ve set my long_poll_interval to 30, and can see the effect thats had in the debug logs, but I’m not sure what value is “normal”. All my blinds are currently draining the battery in days, not months as they previously lasted.

There are several GitHub topics on problems with setting these values in Ikea devices. Not sure if it’s an existing bug or not. I’m using a Conbee II, which may be related.

Thanks for any feedback!

FYRTUR roller blind, block-out
Firmware: 24.4.13

I’m using Z2M but found what you’re looking for:

Read result of 'genPollCtrl': {"checkinInterval":172800,"longPollInterval":4}

Thank you for the response! Long poll at 4 means polling once a second. How is your battery life?

No issues with the battery. I have four of these blinds and operate them a minimum of twice a day (up in the morning, down at night), and they last about a year. The remotes are about the same but one has reported 0% battery for 4+ months and still works. The only issue I have with these blinds is sometimes you operate a pair/group of them, and only one responds. Or you press the button and they don’t respond right away, or they move a little bit and stop and you have to press the button a few times to get it to go all the way. I’ve been experimenting with things like doing a “set position” to 99% or 1% instead of open and close but I’m not sure if it’s made a difference yet.

I find that operating them all in a scene works well. They all react at the same time. I usually set mine to 95% or 0% and they are quite reliable.

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