Need Configuration Help

HI – I’m new to HA and I’m in the planning stage. What led me here is a need to create a zwave network specifically for my Yale Assure 2 lock and that is really my first objective. Am I wrong in thinking that HA + zwave JS is way to go?

My router is a Firewalla Purple and I’m running HomeBridge in docker on the Firewalla.
I have Unifi switches and APs with a RPi 4B, 4G running the Unifi controller. The LAN is used only for network management. There is an IoT VLAN with internet access only for most devices. There is a user VLAN for phones and computers. All traffic rules are done within the Firewalla, not Unifi.
I’m not making much use of HB. I create a switch in HomeKit to turn POE on and off as a switch for an outdoor AP. I also have a bunch of wifi switches in Smart Life that I bring into HomeKit. Maybe I’ll bring this into HA along with my doorbell and security cameras at some point.

Should HA only have access to my IoT network? Pretty sure the answer to this is no.

Given my hardware, I think my best option is to run HA in docker on the RPi along with the Unifi controller. Are there any downsides to this? Am I better off running HA OS on a new RPi. I would want to keep it cheap if I go this route. Can I use a 1G or 2G RPi 4? If I do this I realize that I could potentially later move the Unifi controller to run within HA. Anything else I might consider?

That’s correct.

You’ll want to ensure that HA is on that VLAN, that you can reach it from your main VLAN, and that it has access to the Internet.

Ensure that your Pi uses an SSD, not an SD card, or you’ll have a dead SD card and an unresponsive system at some point soon.

At least 2 GB.

Thanks for the responses. I’m heading towards a fresh install of HA OS on my RPi. Short term I’ll move my unifi controller back to my cloud key gen1 but I’ll want to move it back to the RPi running HA OS. Not sure how I should get the Unifi controler on the RPI with HA and I want a plan before I start down the path. There seems to be a lot of different ways. Can someone help break it down for me in simple terms?

With HAOS the only way is with add-ons.