Need details for generic python3 install

I did not find any documentation for a generic python3 environment. In this case, FreeBSD. I’ve figured out some details but the install pages really need a pure python section. Here’s a start:

# Install python 3, then
pip3 install homeassistant --user
pip3 install sqlalchemy --user

<need some sort of sql library>
<what all else am I missing?>

# Now, start homeassitant

I chatted with a few people on Discord. Looks like the Requires list for homeassistant is very, very incomplete. Any chance that this could be fixed to actually include every package required? Assume that the only things installed on the machine are the python executable and pip3 and add all the requirements to the METADATA file

In the past, the instructions were

$ pip3 install homeassistant
$ ~/.local/bin/hass

pip should take care of all dependencies.

The instructions for virtualenv installation still does this, so I think it should still work


Commented over on the bug list as it’s not a solution. As delivered, haas fails to install packages it requires. I believe that pip only installs packages noted in Requres= and haas does not install anything.