Need expert assistance removing an orphaned NR sensor in HA

I have this orphaned restored sensor from Node-RED/Node-RED Companion that I am unable to find and remove from HA.

I have purged its history as well as deleted the current existing correct device & sensor from Node-RED & restarted HA but it continues to be restored. I’ve also searched files in config…

Sure it’s gone from NR? If you search in NR (CRTL-F) and type a part of the name it’s really gone?

Yes, I am sure. It’s a left over, somewhere, from when restarting NR flows was creating incremental new devices/sensors. I managed to delete all of that stuff mostly by deleting devices in HA, removing companion, purging HA history, restarting HA, deleting deletable sensors and re-adding companion but this one remains in limbo.


If you muck things up & there is a disconnect or it’s just a local HA sensor, instead of Node-RED Companion you see Sensor for the integration.

I know I’ve mucked it, or would that be f***** it?? I’ve managed to clean up all the other muck-ups by deleting device, companion and purging history &/or also removing/recreating the sensor in NR, but not this one. I just can’t figure out where it’s restoring from…

Are you sure the sensor is gone from NodeRed?
Click the gear (Configuration Nodes) in the upper right corner in NodeRed and see if it is listed there.

If you are trying to set up a sensor with the same name as an old one, then try to shut down NodeRed before trying to remove it from HA.

Yes, it was positively gone from NR. It finally disappeared from HA though after I did 1 more re & re of companion this morning to fix another bad sensor setup. That cleanup went cleanly though. Not sure why HA insisted on hanging onto rgbw_9 for so long…