Need help accessing MariaDB outside of docker

I originally was using the MariaDB addon with homeassistant. I’ve decided not to use the addon anymore and use a system wide version of MariaDB. I’ve tried localhost, and the IP on the computer. None of these will work. Does anyone know what I should put in the url line so HomeAssistant can access MariaDB outside of docker?


You need to configure your user with access from IP address of the client.

Localhost and will be inaccessible from docker because docker is it’s own “OS” in a sense.

I’m not familiar with setting that up in Docker. Any suggestions on where I find what I’m looking for. I haven’t had much luck with that.

You’ll need to start reading this:

You are essentially configuring your user for access “remotely” even if it’s on the same LAN. It would not be localhost on the machine though, because Docker sees itself as a different computer within the environment.

Thank you! That was the information I needed.