Need help: advice for hardware wall thermostat + heater thermostats

Hi everyone,

I need some advice.
I want to buy

  • a wireless wall thermostat and
  • a wireless heater thermostat
    preferable compatible with zigbee2mqtt.

In example

Bitron AV2010/32


Eurotronic SPZB0001

Main purpose:

  • huge WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

    • easy to use
    • “normal, classic” behaviour of wall thermostat: turn on/off, set temp, etc…
    • ability to simple program (daily, weekend, etc…) on wall thermostat
    • wall thermostat regulates the individual heater thermostats (master/slave model): temperature is set by wall thermostat, heater thermostats follow temp set by wall thermostat
  • together with hug GEEK-factor

    • get control with home assistant
    • do more advanced programming in hass
    • see status in hass
    • get historical graphs of behaviour
    • etc…

So the big picture is: my wife should be able to regulate the temp without any knowledge of hass or apps. Just the old-fashioned way.
I want to surprise her with home assistant and automatisation…

Is this possible?
What hardware do you recommend?

kind regards,

Have you been able to make the Bitron AV2010/32 working?

Is there anybody who has a system working like these? I want something the same. Like the old EQ-3 max with a wireless wall thermostat and and thermosdtat valve’s. Homematic IP is really the same what i see. But also the Fritz thermostat valve with the Fritz DECT 440 switch what also could use as a external wall thermostat. But it’s costly and i want to focus on something with Zigbee.

Suggestions are welcome!

Hi all,

I installed a Bitron (now SmaBit) AV2010/32 yesterday (16/9/22) and while it’s early days so far it looks very good.

I’m running HA 22.9 on a Rasberry Pi 4 with a Conbee II stick (on a 2m extension lead) and using ZHA.

Pairing worked first time and and the process created the main thermostat control showing current temperature (updated around every 5 minutes I think), status (heating/idle/off), a target temperature control and master on /off selector

Also available are a battery indicator and a separate state sensor to show on/off/idle state.

The default lovelace control shows the most recent temperature and the current state and has a dial slider control for changing temperature and icons to control the master on/off state. All control changes made in HA can be seen on the device within a few seconds.

I’ve not yet created any integrations but I would assume the working lovelace control means I should not expect any issues here.

The major thing still to check has nothing to do with HA integration but the thermostat function of the device. The previous Honeywell thoermostat was pretty good at keeping the termperature close to the setpoint, though at the expense of high cycling rates when the termperature outside was low. Based on what I’ve seen so far it looks like the Bitron has an operating range of +/-0.25 degrees centigrade so temperature swings might be a little wider than what I’m used to. It’s possible that these settings are configurable somehow but I’m having trouble finding documentation on the ‘Pro’ programming mode available on the device. This is not a huge concern though because if all else fails I’ve got 30 days to return the device ( if it doesn’t meet my needs.

Overall then, I’m hugely impressed with how this just works in HA and looking forward to some colder weather in the coming weeks to put it through its paces properly, as well as trying out some basic automations. If there are any major problems I’ll report back here.

Hope this helps!


Update 18/9

The +/- 0.25 operating range around the set temperature mentioned above is configurable via HA. The relevant attributes on the thermostat are non-standard so not known to ZHA but by installing the HACS ZHA-toolkit add-on it is possible to write scripts to fetch the current values and set new ones. This gives more flexibility over how quickly the thermostat switches off after reaching the set temperature and how quickly it switches back on again after the temperature drops below.

Hi @DomWise
Did you find a solution for 0.25 steps, you talked about using scripts here:
“installing the HACS ZHA-toolkit add-on it is possible to write scripts to fetch the current values and set new ones”