Need help buyring right Rasperry Pi

Would this be the right one to buy for Home Assistant Yellow with Power Supply?

That is a stand-alone Raspberry Pi.

you need a Raspberry Pi 4 CM module

Thanks. Everywhere seems to be out of stock

What about this?

Do I need wireless or not?

That one will work.

That is for you to decide. The Yellow has an Ethernet port, so you don’t really need wireless.

Personally, I would highly recommend going wired over wireless. Wired is going to give you more stability. Plus, if you get a PoE HAT for your PI and have a PoE switch, you can run the power off your switch and then you only need to worry about putting you switch on UPS.

I am doing this in my home. It is just a network wire to my PI 4B 8GB up on a shelf with the Z-Wave and Zigbee radios on it. No other wires needed. Very clean install and very robust.

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