Need help configuring Lumary lights with local tuya


  • Just bought some Lumary Smart Recessed Lighting 6 Inch Canless Lights from Amazon, going to be using them as the main floor lighting in my house.

  • I am trying to get them working with HA over Local Tuya. They will be on a NoT network eventually.

  • Currently, they are added to the Tuya app, and they can be controlled over the cloud using HA. I also have Local Tuya setup and it works great with my other Tuya-based devices.

The Problem:
The Lumary lights do not get automatically detected by Local Tuya’s automatic discovery. When adding it manually using the static IP and Device ID, and local key, it shoots our an error: “Connection to device succeeded but no datapoints found, please try again. Create a new issue and include debug logs if problem persists.”

I have tried putting DPS in the “Manual DPS” text field using the classic:

  • 20 - ID
  • 22 - Brightness
  • 23 - Color Temp
  • 21 - Color Mode
  • 24 - Color
  • 25 - Scene

Using these DPS it will add the device, but it is unavailable.

I noticed that when using my manually entered DPS all their values are “-1” not sure if that is my problem, but see other people’s on YouTube theirs looks a lot different. See the pictures below:

My screenshot:

I’ve done plenty of research, and tried plenty of different things. I hope I can figure this out, and help others who experience the same issue.

Something to also note: I am on the latest version of HA(2023.9.2), HACS(1.32.1), Local Tuya(5.2.1), and the Lumary Light’s version is V1.5.21.

I am having the exact same problem with a new light. Initially thought it was due to Tuya’s weird / updated local key values but it appears to be related to the DPS mapping in the device. Did you ever get to the bottom of the issue?

Ditto, hopefully you have figured it out. I greatly dislike being tied to the cloud for light controls.

+1 to follow and get this figured out. Oddly enough the regular tuya login works.

Another bit of info. The individual lumary bulbs work, only the ones packaged in the 4 pack do not. The devices seem to be at the same firmware level, the best I can tell. I can access each one via cloud tuya.

Likewise, subscribing. I have Lumary a bunch of Lumary Smart Disk Light B1 lights. Local Tuya produces the same error: “Connection to device succeeded but no datapoints found, please try again. Create a new issue and include debug logs if problem persists.”

Update: I found a solution that worked for me.
Long story short, those lights of mine were on protocol version 3.5, which was not supported. Given the young age of this topic, all y’all are probably having the same issue (check the tinytuya scan results).
Some gigachad on this forum @umu_ugg created a fork of the localtuya repo that supports protocol version 3.5.
It installed seamlessly on top of the original and immediately auto-detected all of my devices.
Hope it helps!

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Thanks @grishagin. Worked like a charm. Hoping this fixes some of the issues with the localtuya, which was getting too buggy to rely on.

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This is a map for these lights.
In Spanish, but I sure you can translate:
Valores DPS
“20”: true, LUZ Encendida
‘20’: False, LUZ Apagada

                "21": "colour", cuando esta en RGB
                '21': 'white' Cuando paso a Blancos
                '21': 'music' cuando paso a musica

                "22": 1000, BRILLO MAXIMO
                '22': 10 BRILLO MINIMO
                "23": 0, CALIDA
                '23': 1000 FRIA
                "24": "0071038103e8", VERDE
                '24': '015d03bf03e8' ROJO
                "25": "000e0d0000000000000000c80000",Scene REad
                '25': '000e0d0000000000000000c80000' Scene night

                "26": 0, TIMER APAGADO
                '26': 3600 TIMER 1 Hora

                "34": false MODO NO MOLESTAR APAGADO
                '34': True MODO NO MOLESTAR ENCENDIDO