Need Help Connecting Tuya Thermometer TS0201 by _TZ3000_fllyghyj

Hello, I am still pretty new to HA and am having issues with a Tuya temperature/humidity sensor that I’ve added via the ZHA integration. After a few iterations of adding and removing the device, I can get it to show up with data for temp, humidity, battery, etc. However, it never updates. I left it all night and the data didn’t change even once. The information reported by ZHA is TS0201 by _TZ3000_fllyghyj.

I found this and this which seem like they might help, but I have no idea what to do with this info.

Does anyone know what I can do to get the device to actively update the sensor data?

Do you have other Zigbee devices that are working? Assuming you have a USB co-ordinator, is it on a USB extension cable to avoid interference? Did you pair the sensor in place where it will live, rather than elsewhere.

I have two of them added via deCONZ, and although they work, deCONZ can’t open the property dialog for them (link) - so perhaps this same issue has more dramatic issues with ZHA?

Its a Tuya device, do you really expect it to work?

Like I said, pretty new to this ecosystem so I don’t know what to or not to expect. I have a couple of Tuya devices that work fine.

As for the coordinator, I have a Sonoff dongle on a USB extender. I have 2 other Zigbee devices attached with no issues.

Hi there. Take a look here. It might work for you too.

I can confirm: no need to dispose or return the Tuya devices, they work perfectly with newer versions.

To make things easier I pushed my environment to github:

It starts a version that is compatible with TS0201.
The advantage is: you only need docker installed, it runs on raspberry and PC (and probably also on Mac)


git clone

So basically you are saying it works in ha 2023.3.0.dev20230216

This device seems to have support in z2m.

Hello, unfortunately those devices will not stay connected and become unavailable after a few delivered values. They start flashing again and then do not report anymore. Any idea?
“manufacturer”: “_TZ3000_fllyghyj”,
“model”: “TS0201”,
“name”: “_TZ3000_fllyghyj TS0201”,

Using ZHA or Z2M or something else?

Same as above with ZHA
One of 8 devices.
Another “flickering” device - motion sensor, but here will be off topic.

I think someone will need logs to debug it.

If you can help me to find a way to retrieve these logs (I assume debug mode need to be turned on), will be very grateful.

Thanks again.
Added homeassistant.components.zha.core.device: info to logger, will monitor