Need help connecting two Home Assistant instances


I have a setup of two Home Assistant instances, one a Raspberry Pi (Secondary) and the second on a NUC (Primary).
On the secondary HA I have a number of switches and sensors. I want to get all devices over to the primary. On the primary I have to use Node-Red to control the switches. I have tried the plug-in from Lukas. This seems to be a great plug-in, but when the automation kicks in it often misses to turn on the light. In the log on the primary is says “Unable to find referenced entities switch.%prefix%.switchname”. But when I manually trigger the switches on the primary that is linked to the secondary it always works.
I does not matter to me if I must go over to mqtt, but I have a hard time understanding the concept of bi-directional communication.
All help is appreciated.


Anyway, the answer is probably

The reason is that the secondary HA has a RFXCOM that is placed centrally in the house, otherwise it will not cover every corner. I also want more power on the primary.
Must I exclude entities in some way to avoid duplicates?

I am not entirely sure, I have never used it but just know of its existence.

There will be some discussions in the forum somewhere :slight_smile:

There may be other solutions too, which don’t need HA on the pi. You could, for example, use ser2net to run the rfxcom integration directly on the NUC. Or you could get an esp8266/esp32, run openmqtt gateway and use the pi for something else.

I have now setup ser2net, that looks promising.
Thanks for your help!

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