Need help: continuous error: [Violation] 'setTimeout' handler took 51ms


in Chrome inspector on .75.3 there’s a flooding of this error: [Violation] ‘setTimeout’ handler took 51ms

clicking the app-c65b4028.js:2 (haven’t got an idea what that is tbh) pointing the https://mydomain/frontend_latest/app-c65b4028.js:2 and shows the file in another little window.

Haven’t got a clue what I could do next, or what causes this error.
Please help me debugging this, thx.

It’s not an error, cause it will not affect the program running flow, but a tip telling you that the setTimeout spends that time, and chrome would suggest that you should look at the performance. Sometimes you can replace timeouts with listeners on events, depending what you should do

thanks, but tbh I don’t understand what you’re suggesting here… I didn’t place any timeouts (at least not knowingly) anywhere, and how to replace these with listeners, well , I wouldn’t know what you mean by that.

As far as I understand the term ‘listener’ that is eg a trigger in an automation, listening to a state of an entity? What that has to do with timeouts is beyond me, sorry to say.

fwiw, I haven’t got these errors anymore, but, if you could explain a bit more, Id appreciate that.