Need help debugging a choose statement in yaml

Hoping for help debugging a YAML script. I’m trying to do an iOS actionable notification for the first time - all I want is to be able to click a button on the notification to clear it. Based the script on instructions on these pages: Actionable Notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs and Introduction | Home Assistant Companion Docs

Complete script is here: - alias: "Dryer Finished" trigger: platform: state entity_id: senso -

The issue is shown in the screenshot below VSCode suggests it seems to want a “sequence” property, which I appear to have. It looks like it matches the format shown here: Script Syntax - Home Assistant However, the config checker fails it on that same line (line 40 in the pastebin).

I suspect it’s something stupid, like a missed indentation level, but I can’t seem to find it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Or if someone has a sample script for clearing a notification like this, I’d appreciate that as well.

(Please no advice involving Node-RED, I’m not interested in using it for this)


there is no " at the end of your “value_template:” line under the condition for the choose.

Thank you!!! I’ve been staring at this for two days and failing to find the error.