Need help do define scrape entity for

Hello dear community,

I want so scrape from this page. After login it shows the credit of the card of my son. I’ve tested various names of CSS, but none is working.
It should be

#SubHeaderAnzeige > div.KtoDiv > span.highlightColor.vkguthaben

but I don’t know, if the login works. I have a username and the password is a date like


Might that be the problem?

Most likely, the page is dynamically-generated and scrape won’t work. If you do “View Source” (often Ctrl-U; not using F12 DevTools) can you find the data you want in that HTML?

Hello Troon,

yes, it’s shown:

  <span class="highlightColor vkguthaben">41</span>

To see if the login is working, try something like select: body and value_template: "{{ value[:250] }}".

That will give you the first 250 characters of the body as a response. Compare that with the HTML from the browser for both a successful and known failed login.

Hey, I got:

ACHTUNG !!! Diese Anwendung bennötigt JAVAScript Bitte aktivieren Sie Java Script in Ihrem Browser. Diese Anwendung bennötigt Cookies! Bitt

That’s the point at which I’d give up :slight_smile: .

Really? Why?

Because the page seems to be detecting you’re not using a JS-capable browser with cookie support and sending you an error message.