Need help finding a z-wave repeating lightbulb

I’ve looked around and I find a lot of references to z-wave smart bulbs (sengled, jasco, etc.) but when I try to actually find the bulb to purchase I can’t seem to find anything. Ideally, I’d like to get a z-wave bulb that is also a repeater. Are these types of bulbs off the market now or is there something specific I should be looking for?

I assume there’s a reason why you want a smart bulb rather than a switch on the wall. I’ve seen Z-Wave bulbs in the past, but it does seem like they’ve gone out of style. If you can live without dimming, I’d go with a Sonoff Mini running ESPHome. Yes, it’s Wi-Fi. You can probably stuff it in an existing junction box. Otherwise, maybe you could place a standard Z-Wave switch/dimmer in the attic above the light fixture? If by chance it’s a lamp, they make plug-in Z-Wave dimmers.

Zwave is mesh based. All nodes will repeat. An AC bulb will repeat as long as power is applied. If you ever turn OFF manually(from switch removing AC) it will cease to repeat. If you truly have issues and need repeater you should get a dedicated repeater plugged into AC outlet. Repeaters just have better antenna/transmit power

Yes, I have a zwave relay connected to a gate outside. I want the bulb to put in the closest outdoor light fixture to establish a path. Unfortunately, wifi bulb won’t work in this situation unless I retrofit the gate as well.


I’ve seen conflicting info on bulbs repeating. That’s why I was specific in my question. I also understand that battery powered devices don’t repeat. Is that incorrect?

Battery operated devices typically won’t waste their limited power helping others. They just sit quietly and listen. I don’t see any reason why the bulb would not act as a repeater. There’s no cost savings since all devices use a single-source (until very recently) IC/module inside. Could you replace an outdoor outlet with Z-Wave? It would likely need GFCI protection. They also make outdoor modules that would plug into an outlet. In that case, you’d likely need a weatherproof cover on the outlet.

What is the distance ?

The aeotech repeater is best but depending on the distance you may have poor communication. I eventually extended my network and ran a RasPi at my gate. The poor zwave communication caused by distance was causing my network to freeze randomly.

The backbone of my ZWave network is Domitech bulbs because they are ZWave Plus.

I’ve been able to get the distance down to about 40 feet with a Zooz ZAC38 repeater in an upstairs bedroom (closest outlet) and the relay in the gate control box. I do think a key issue for me is that the gate swings open and directly blocks the control box. The gate has a large perforated metal mesh on its face so I’m certain not much is able to pass through it. Oddly though, it was working fine through the weekend but went completely dead yesterday.

I am contemplating the RPI option currently. I’ll also swap out the Zooz for an Aeotec 7 and I’m also going to try and raise the relay to above the height of the gate to not have that big metal mesh in the way. Thanks

Hmm. Interesting. But I can’t find anywhere that sells them (I’m in the US).

Ever consider WiFi? Something like Ratgdo?

Honestly for me I was trying to go over 100 feet but at 40 feet I would extend my WiFi because I would still need the network for a camera.

Is this a metal box?

Ever consider WiFi? Something like Ratgdo?

Nothing is outside the realm of possibility at this point. I’ll check out Ratgdo!

Is this a metal box?

It is not. It’s a heavy plastic box, but the relay is jammed in with a bunch of other electronics, so again… that’s playing against me as well.


[edit: changed metal to plastic]

WiFi will give you more options

Due to distance I actually put a WiFi bridge
So everything is basically hardwire which bring me to, ever consider just running ethernet? Just need a thin trench and pvc. But yeah, WiFi.

Concrete. Sigh…

I’ve ordered a ratgdo v2.5