Need help fixing some errors that I don't know what I should do about them!

This always happens when I startup mi PI4 and I need help fixing the issue, but I don’t really know what the issue is. Could it be that my storage disconnects from time to time (recently switched to a ssd with usb case) or something else?

Why are you shutting it down?

You should only be restarting Home Assistant, not the whole pi.

They are database errors because the MariaDB add-on has not started up before Home Assistant.

The Problem is: when this happens no add-ons work and it says it can’t validate to restart, so every time (once a day) this happens i have to cut power in order to do anything (it can’t load the full logs, that’s why i screenshot the overview).

What sort of Home Assistant installation do you have?

I’ve installed the OS for the PI 4 (64bit) and restored my backup as my sd card died.

I’d probably re-configure ha to use the inbuilt sqllite DB, then delete the mariadb add-on and make sure yo7 can boot error free. Then re-add the matiadb add-on and re-configure ha. Looks to me like your mariadb is knackered. But of course you will lose any historical data this way, but I couldn’t be doing with retatarting my pi every day.

Ok, so I did some things, but it should be fixed:

  1. Uninstalled some of the add-ons (Octoprint; Nextcloud as non officials and Let’s Encrypt as official)
  • but i don’t think this is what fixed it
  1. Plugged in my USB SSD in the USB 2.0 port

Is there an issue with USB 3.0 ports, as my ssd seemed to disconnect or at least causing an issue?