Need help/ides for images for each room

Hello together,

my name is Michael (short Mike) from munich.
So first of all excuse my englisch.

After a break of severeal Month i have finally time which i want to invest in my home assitant dashboard.
At the Moment i am trying different Cards, Options - to find out, what would suite for me and my family best.

One idea is to use modern style images for each room in our house.
Something like the following:


The problem i have at the moment is to find a set of images which match to together and look like from the same mould

Perhaps anybody of you have an idea for an image library? I would also be interessted in your approaches

Thx a lot

I was going to ask everyone what images they use for the rooms, but I will continue this thread.

I use some vector images from upklyak that I found on Freepik: Upklyak | Freepik
Just search for the names of your rooms.

I was looking for something else, but for now I use this

Some exaples: