Need help in Snance WiFi NVR

It is about a few months that I have problem to an issue.
I did buy a Wi-Fi NVR with the name of Sannce 4ch. After a while I did add more camera and 4 Chanel did not support it, so I did buy a DVR but unfortunately the DVR did nt support the Wifi camera.
Last week I did buy a new NVR and tried to connect my Wifi NV%R to new one.
I did try to connect with IP and port , RTPS and DDNS but my new NVR and not see the camera on Sannce.
Wifi NVR 4ch with ip Noth connected to new NVR . I did try many ways like as , Connect with IP and port, With RTPS, DDNS …
My new NVR 16ch can not connect to old Sannce i no way.
wanted to get help from you to see what is your solution.
The newwork topology is as below:
Snacce 4 ch ip
New NVR : 192.168.1 119
I want to have all 4 Chanel in my new NVR 16 ch, I need to have 1 monitor for the checking instead of two have 2 monitors .
I there anybody who can help ne in this issue?
I should mention that I did try to find Sannce RTPS maybe it is possible to connect 4 ch to new 16ch NVR.

Best regards

you probably need to turn on output stream in the setting menu of Saance 4ch.
I dont have manual or unit so i cannot tell you how.

It is not possible to turn it off.
I did try many ways, maybe better to look at some pictures in menu.