Need help installing CozyLife Assistant integration

Hi all

Newbie here.

I have bought an led strip light which uses the cozylife app to control it.

I have downloaded, via HACS, the code into my custom_components

added the line hass_cozylife_local_pull: to my configuration.yaml

restarted everything a few times but it doesn’t show up in my Intergrations.

What am i missing?

Cheers for any help

I’m no expert at this, but I just got a bulb from CozyLife today and these steps worked for me:

  - Upper right 3 dot menu
		- Custom Repositories
		- paste URL in repository field
		- select category = integration
	- Click Explore and Download Repositories Button
		- search for cozy
		- pick cozy life
		- Download
- restart Home Assistant
- Settings
	- Devices and Services
	- Add integration
	- Search for cozy (just verifying it installed properly)
- edit configuration.yaml and add
- restart Home Assistant
- search for entity = cozy
	You should see your detected devices named as cozylife:DEVICE_NAME

It’s worked for me to change the light color and turn it on and off, but there are a few rough edges (like setting the color to white works, but the UI looks like it’s RED instead)

If the above instructions don’t work for you, maybe it doesn’t work with your type of light.
It does say it only supports 3 device types

  • RGBCW Light
  • CW Light
  • Switch & Plug
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Thanks for taking the time to answer, still not working, guess I have an led strip that isn’t compatible.

Cheers again

Ropey as hell but the entity has appeared, gives me control over colour, brightness, on/off.
Thanks again for the help