Need help integrating more data from Tuya to HA


I have my geyser/water heater controlled via the Tuya app and I connected it to Home Assistant. HA shows very little of the info vs the Tuya app. How can I get the rest of the info like collector temp and pump status etc to show up in HA? Screenshot below of the 2 apps for side-by-side comparison. FYI I’m not a software programmer and I just started using HA recently.

When looking at the available data in HA, then always use the states tab in the developer tools.
This will show all the available data on an entity.

The cards might move some data to the secondary info (the three dots in the upper right corner) and sometimes exclude them entirely.

Thanks Wally, but it still doesnt show all the entities. I’m specifically looking for the pump status and collector temp.

Ok, they might not be there and you need to make feature request for it then, but before that please check if there is a device in the device list and if that device have more than just the climate entity attached.
Sometimes a device have additional sensors as separate entities.

no other devices or entities. I scanned through everything. Do I make the feature request on Tuya or on HA?

I have no Tuya devices, so I am not sure here, but if it is an integration, then there usually is a GitHub pages where you can report issues.
If it is installed through HACS, then that is usually the GitHub page that is showed as a description of the integration, so you are already on the right page then and just need to find the issues tab.

If you find the integration on one of the HA documentation pages, then there might be a GitHub link in the right side.
If it leads to Home Assistant Core, then return here and post your suggestion in the Feature Request forum.