Need help! Interpret 433 decoded rf signal

Hi all,
Sorry if this is the wrong category. I’m totally lost when it comes to RF and some parts of programming.
This is related to Portisch Firmware on Sonoff Bridge running Tasmota.

  • I have captured 8 remote control buttons from 1 remote.
  • I’ve managed to convert them from B1 to B0 code and I am now able to send
    those codes with Sonoff Bridge to controll my RF Plugs.
  • Now I want to know what the data transmitted is so that I can create
    some fake “virtual” remotes.
  • I’ve tried to follow portisch wiki on decoding signals
  • I am stuck below, I’ve managed to divide the signal sent into categories defined in link above.

This is where I’m at a loss, from the link above…
What is happening here??!
Can someone explain how I do a logical and by 0x77

First remove the high/low bucket marking by doing a logical and by 0x77 with each data byte:
After AND 0x77:

Now following what I would like to do

  • decipher the data from my remote below (and understand how to)
  • apply the same on all buttons
  • Get an remote adress out of this and how buttons are identified.
  • Create my own remotes based on some madeup adress.
A On	AAB0230408012C04CE01E0092E3819090818190818181818181818190909081908190928181855
B On	AAB0230408012204C401D609243819090819081819292818181818181819090928181908192855
C On	AAB0230408012204CE01E0094C3819292819281818192818192818181928192929292929281855

Left to right:
UART Sync init
Bucket0  ~300  us
Bucket1  ~1230 us
Bucket2  ~480  us
Bucket3  ~2350 us
First Sync Bucket
Second Sync Bucket

AA	B0	23	04	08	012C	04CE	01E0	092E	3	819090818190818181818181818190909081908190928181	8
AA	B0	23	04	08	0122	04C4	01D6	0924	3	819090819081819292818181818181819090928181908192	8
AA	B0	23	04	08	0122	04CE	01E0	094C	3	819292819281818192818192818181928192929292929281	8