Need help? let me know

Like a lot of you I have been working from home last several months allowing me to finish many of the project regarding home automation and other stuff I have on my list. This post from a year ago is now some one old I have added a few things since then (post has been updated)

As you can see my journey has given me a lot of experience with HA, DIY micro controllers, Unraid, docker , and other stuff. So willing to share to any newbies or anyone else for that matter that needs to figure stuff out and in the spirit of open source for free. I have time while working from home to dig in to certain subject. I enjoy discussing stuff, sharing code, etc.

Hit me up on DM we can exchange emails. Ideally we can focus on your specific project , or a wish list. That is how I started and it grew and grew constantly asking the question “I wonder if I can do x” .

I thought about doing youtube and blog but those can get out of hand and not really focus on what people want to see.

I have a couple of questions which I think you could help me out with pretty quickly. What is DM? How do I hit you there? :slight_smile:

Direct message. Click my name in the forum, then message send me a note

lol ok, my bad… back in the days I used to call them PM (Private Messages)…

Fair enough. I guess I have Been on twitter too long

Ok, if you prefer emails mine is [email protected] or we can chat through here.

I am only taking advantage since you offered. Long story short. I used to run a private tours company in Cancun, but at the moment, and for the near future there are no tourists in the area. There are many of us unemployed at the moment, so crime is going up.

I am switching gears and looking to get into installing Alarm systems based on HomeAssistant.

I am almost done setting up my GFs house, just working on the few details. I have been stuck on two issues and can’t seem to find the solutions on my own.

First, at the moment we can only disarm the alarm with a cell phone or a computer. My GF doesn’t want to put up a tablet on her wall nor a numeric key pad. Seems I can set up automations to actually disarm the alarm.

I am running D1 Minis flashed with tasmota. I am trying to take advantage of the HOLD feature (long press if switchmode is set to 5 or 6). The idea would be to set up an automation, than when two specific switches go on HOLD at the same time, the alarm would be disarmed. The problem I am running into is that once I put a switch on “hold” by pressing it for more than 4 seconds, I don’t know how to get it out of that state.

The other issue I have is with device_tracker this link has the details. Device_tracker setting up multiple hosts. HELP!


That’s fantastic.

That’s not so great.

If you answer questions on the forum instead then everybody benefits, not just now but for future users searching for answers as well.


I understand, I don’t make it a habit of going to this forum every day. Email for me is easier to use. Wasn’t trying to hide anything just make it easier for one on one conversation.

I suggest that you set up that you’ll receive an email once domeone replied to you in the forum/mentioned you.


Hi @faspina

A fantastic way to help would be to offer one hour of 1to1video conference. Like many people here I spent many hours reading and already stack some good knowledges, but your global view and experience could help to click all the jigsaw bits together, give some directions for future research and learning. In fact a tiny bit of coaching will help to save numerous hours of self searching, avoiding out of date youtube and tutorials.
I am sure you know what I mean, you too certainly went that way …

To keep the ball rolling, when I will be all sorted, I would be happy to do the same for somebody else.

please dm/pm me if you are happy to do so (in English/French/Italian).