Need help making Ubiquiti Dream Machine play nice with HA

I got an Ubiquiti Dream Machine (not Pro) to replace my aging router and for the last week I have been trying to reestablish functionality I had on my old system. The big thing I managed to accomplish was for my wife’s iPhone device tracker to reliably work. The secret here is apparently to:

  • Turn OFF “Optimize for High Performance Devices”

  • Turn OFF Enable Multicast Enhancement

  • Turn OFF Enable Multicast and Broadcast Filtering

  • Turn ON Override DTIM Period and set DTIM 2G Period & DTIM 5G Period both to 3

  • (Not sure if necessary) Turn off on phone WiFi Assist and assigned fixed IP to the phone

The other issue I am having that I can’t for the love of God get my TP-Link HS105 smart switch as well as my Brother Printer stay connected to HA. The TP-Link Integration just won’t find the plug, so I configured it in configuration.yaml and gave it a fixed IP. This works for a while, but then the device becomes unknown and won’t reconnect.

The Brother Integration will see the printer for a while but then will fill the log with “Error fetching brother data: No SNMP response received before timeout” messages. The printer has a fixed IP as well.

Does anyone have an idea how to get either of the two work reliably?