[NEED HELP] MyNeato integration

Hi everyone,

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I totally love HA but got quite disappointed when we bought our new Neato D10. I noticed that those Neato robots are only supported until D7. Lately I found some time to dig into the MyNeato app and write a new library to control those D8’s, D9’s and D10’s. Personally I am more a web developer working with PHP and have near to no experience in python. But as far as I could test it my library works for most commands and my D10 is acting as I want it to.

I need someone, who is able to help me in building an integration for HA using this library. All the reverse engineering of the MyNeato app is done and works in the library. So feel free to contact me and let us integrate these robots in HA.

The new library can be found here: pyneato · PyPI
Github is here: GitHub - BenjaminPaap/pyneato

Would be great to hear from some developers willing to help.

@dshokouhi maybe this is of interest for you


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I tried my best and came up with a new integration for Neato robots using the MyNeato App: GitHub - BenjaminPaap/home-assistant-myneato: Home Assistant integration to control a neato vacuum robot from D8 and up using the MyNeato App

Feel free to test it and report any bugs. As mentioned previously I’m far from being a python expert, so code seems to be messy. But for me it works and could be a good start for others to contribute.

Currently only possible with manual installation

Ping: @dshokouhi

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I have an error code. 2204 = brush stucked. I can collect more :blush: or is this not corresponding with API?

Seems like it’s working smoothly on my Neato D800 as well.

Thank you so much Benjamin.

Hi, since Neato ceased operations, does this still work? If yes, could it possibly be extended to also cater for other models?