Need help on resizing partition within the docker container for HA supervisor

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/vg1/volume_1 7.0T 1.5T 5.5T 21% /
tmpfs 64.0M 0 64.0M 0% /dev
tmpfs 4.8G 0 4.8G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
shm 64.0M 0 64.0M 0% /dev/shm
/dev/md0 2.3G 1.3G 852.8M 61% /data
tmpfs 4.8G 23.5M 4.8G 0% /run/dbus
tmpfs 4.8G 23.5M 4.8G 0% /run/docker.sock
/dev/vg1/volume_1 7.0T 1.5T 5.5T 21% /etc/resolv.conf
/dev/vg1/volume_1 7.0T 1.5T 5.5T 21% /etc/hostname
/dev/vg1/volume_1 7.0T 1.5T 5.5T 21% /etc/hosts

As you can see /data is already having 61% on a brand new fresh install using Docker image homeassistant/amd64-hassio-supervisor:latest . I am wondering what is the proper step to increase the partition size? The reason is that I am getting this error in the log , which keep me from adding addon.

21-12-11 00:10:34 WARNING (MainThread) [] “FixupStoreExecuteReload.process_fixup” blocked from execution, not enough free space (0.8GB) left on the device

Appreciate for any help!

Anyone know how to fix this? Or if there is any docker image HA supervisor that don’t have this limitation?

If you’re using Supervised, you “own” the OS, so up to you to extend the partition depending on how you installed it and on what…

You seem to use some RAID over LVM setup, probably mdadm is the tool you should use to manage the RAID part ("/dev/md0")

Thanks for hints. I eventually found out the install script use

-v “/opt/hassio/data”:/data \

which /opt is under root partition that don’t have enough space. I change the install script and use /volumne1/docker/data and now it’s all good. thanks