Need help on setting up my Yale lock with z-wave module

I have been using HA on my raspberry pi for quite awhile now, recently I have purchased the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock with a blue z-wave module in it. Then found out I won’t be able to contact the signal without a z-wave hub which I also obtained the Sonoff z-wave USB. Now I am actually lost not knowing where to start and how to contact it with my Raspberry Pi, could someone provide me a brief information on how to setup them up or at least a direction I should follow? I wish to unlock the door wirelessly on my phone by contacting the HA or checking If I have locked the door.

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Read this:

Hi there, Yeah I have set-up a dozen of these.
Set up the z-wave on the home assistant first and get that going, that’s the easy part. Hopefully your lock is not too far from the dongle, if it is you will need to establish a z-wave network around your home so it can get back to the HA set-up.

Let’s assume it is nice and close and can get to the lock, once the lock is installed, plug the z-wave module in to the top of the lock, don’t forget to write down the underlined number on the little module.

Set the HA z-wave to paring mode then quickly triple click the little “R” button under the module on the lock, after a few moments it should find it and ask you for the number, enter the number, hit submit and wait.

A word of warning, they can be a bit of a PITA, it might connect but without security, if that happens, remove it from the network, using the remove function in z-wave and the same 3 clicks on the same button and try again, once set-up you will see it in the devices list.

Good luck.

Thanks for your time! I did not know there is a number on the little module, this is a very good info! Also do you mean there are security risks if I connect it that way? I don’t think my neighborhood knows a lot about this tech anyway, I should be fine using it as my main door? Otherwise I should avoid and get back to the normal route with my key fob. :sweat_smile:

I don’t think Sonoff makes any Z-Wave devices, including a USB controller. Searching for “Sonoff z-wave USB” only turns up Zigbee products. Can you post more information about the product you purchased?

Completely missed that and fair point, you will need a z-wave dongle, I use the Aeotec S7.

I got this one, do you think it will work?

No it won’t work, if you have a Z-Wave lock. What you bought is a “SONOFF Universal Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle”. Zigbee and Z-Wave are different protocols. You need a Z-Wave controller.

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One thing I have noticed is that the zigbee module doesn’t have to be close to the zigbee dongle, at least with zigbee2mqtt. It work so much better than my zwave modules in my yale locks. The only problem is for some reason yale doesn’t seem to sell the zigbee modules directly, and you have to find it on ebay or some other site.