Need help on which OS and VM to choose

I purchased a new Intel NUC that will come with Windows 10 installed, but my initial plan was to blow that away and use Unraid, create a vm and then run HA on that VM. Having looked into this I wonder if this is the best approach. Some other options are:


Other options? I’m looking for easy, expandable to other things like Plex or storage, and reliable. I do not necessarily have a ton of experience with Windows or unix but can usually fumble my way around.

I also need to be able to update drivers on the NUC. What are some options that you have had success with or any paths you think are too much trouble?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have been pretty happy running Home Assistant via docker, first for about a year on a raspberry pi 3 and then moving to Ubuntu 20 on a old 2012 Apple Mini (pretty close to your NUC I think). I am still trying to figure out what I am missing by not running the HA ‘operating system’ version in a VM like Proxmox. I run a HA, database, MQTT, frigate, app daemon, Juypter data science and several custom python containers. I use as a web console to manage the containers. I have 16 GB RAM, I rarely see the system use more than 40% of it.

Proxmox > HA

+1 for Proxmox > HA

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