Need help please Hue Motion sensor

Hi I have paired directly hue motion sensor with HA and it is all working ok Showing temp , motion , etc
The problem is Hue motion using Occupancy in device menu as real motion binary_sensor.signify_netherlands_b_v_sml003_occupancy
and it is have Opening binary_sensor.signify_netherlands_b_v_sml003_opening Do not know what this opening do but it is in device menu as motion symbol and on same sensors it is clear but motion was there and on other sensors is open and clear

I have 6 hue sensors and want to integrate them to HA directly and maybe complete discount HUE hub

The problem I can not use hue Occupancy in Motion-activated Light Blueprint
Motion-activated Light I can choose only hue Opening but it is unknown what it is doing ?

I have installed from community Sensor Light Version: 3.5 Blueprint
there I can choose [Binary Sensors] and hue Occupancy but nothing happens lights do not turn on

Maybe I’m wrong but I think is the problem Hue motion “Occupancy” not liked in Blueprint as maybe it not class as motion ?

Is there work around to capture Hue Occupancy as motion ? I mean use like helpers so then In Blueprint I can choose them as motion triggers

Many thanks