Need Help Polling Website for a Value (Socal Gas)


I’d like to ask if someone can help me poll a value for a sensor from a webpage.

I’d like to pull the topmost price and it’s posted date from this page, which is updated once a month.

I suspect that this can be accomplished via scrape or rest. I read up on this topic and tried a couple of things but after some amateurish attempts with no success, I humbly turn for the guidance of the web and CSS savvy!

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Wow within 41 minutes someone makes a thread about exactly what I was looking into.

Guess what? There’s an API. Probably easier than scraping.

Going to bed now. Will check in tomorrow

Lol I should’ve scrolled more. It’s a dead end I think…

I’ve seen that page before but was left with the impression that it’s a paid service for more enterprise level work. I literally just need those values of the page once a month (when it updates).

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Everyone else here getting hit with a massive gas bill? $700 just today. When I noticed online that they have hourly data, I figured somehow we can turn that into a sensor.

Were you ablet to do this?