Need help reverting Skyconnect USB to Zigbee-only firmware

I am using a Skyconnect USB with multiprotocol enabled. Currently, I am experiencing issues where I cannot control some of my Zigbee devices. I have tried to solve the problem by moving my Home Assistant (Raspberry Pi 4 in Argon One M.2 casing) and updating the Skyconnect USB via Home Assistant SkyConnect, but unfortunately, this did not help.

I’ve tried to revert the Skyconnect to Zigbee-only firmware. I have tried to do this via Flash Silicon Labs radio firmware manually · NabuCasa/silabs-firmware Wiki · GitHub, but I keep getting the message “bash: universal-silabs-flasher: command not found”.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to revert the Skyconnect to Zigbee-only firmware?

I do not think it is possible yet.
It is mentioned as a warning somewhere on the combined matter/ZigBee firmware update description.

I managed to reset the Sky Connect USB to Zigbee-only via the firmware update website. I removed the add-on, but unfortunately, I am unable to add new devices. Currently, only 2 sensors are working via Zigbee.

I wanted to follow up on my previous message regarding the issues I was experiencing with my Sky Connect USB with multiprotocol enabled.

After trying a few things, I was able to “fix” the issue by taking the following steps:

  1. Flashing the Sky Connect USB via the firmware update website
  2. Deleting the add-on
  3. Deleting ZHA
  4. Restoring the latest backup before multiprotocol was enabled
  5. Waiting a couple of hours

As a result, my old Zigbee network was restored and is now back online.

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I have two home assistant instances, one on a HA Green and one on a VirtualBox virtual drive. I am using the for the exact same thing just switching back and forth (doing restores from one to the other) so that I have a physical hardware backup as well as software backups [that paid off one time when the virtual drive crashed!). Anyway, my problem is I am having some trouble with memory crashing on the virtualbox again and so I restored back to the HA green and the zigbee (and Thread) networks are not being formed. I am wondering based on what you wrote if I just need to wait several hours for that to for, or if I need to migrate the radio or reinstall the hardware. [I only have one skyconnect device, so I have to physically move it from the virtual drive computer to the HA Green device]. Hope this makes sense maybe someone has experiance moving from virtual drive to a HA green via a backup and restore that might shed some light on this.