Need help to add a custom repository


i am using HomeAssistant (not HACS or HASSIO!) and want to add this Laz-y-spa integration:

How can i add a custom repository in HA?
I guess it is not in /etc/apt/sources.list, right?

Can someone give me a hint how to install this when NOT using HACS or HASSIO?

i am using
|Version |core-2022.5.2|
|Installationstyp |Home Assistant Core|


create directory custom_components in /config


copy\ha-bestway-1.2.0\custom_components\bestway in /config/custom_components

restart HA

and repository?

and repository? Just follow his directions to the T.

in his text there is a howto for HACS

  1. Download and install HACS.
  2. Add a custom repository in HACS. You will need to enter the URL of this repository when prompted:

But i dont know where and how to add a custom-repository "".
Not using HACS !

i already copied the files to /custom_components but Bestway doesnt appear in integration

You can follow the HACS directions if you want, but I was referring to follwing @francisp’s directions.

So what have i done?:

as francisp wrote i downloaded the zip, unpackt it and copied the Folder “Bestway” into /config/custom_components.
Restartet HA, but searching for Integrate “Bestway” doesnt find it.

needs to be lowercase bestway.

in ingegrate search or the Foldername?

folder name

sorry, yes the foldername is “bestway” not “Bestway”.
I am a little confused now.

so i copied out of the “\ha-bestway-1.2.0\custom_components” folder the folder “bestway” into the …/config/custom_compenents folder. Is this ok so? or should i copy the contens of the “bestway” folder into custom… ?

Everything in that folder, including the subfolders

it doesn’t work.

here a screenshot of that folder:

after that, you have to restart. Then according to the bestway docs, you have to find the integrations in the integration list and then add it.

You are running HA 2022.5.2. A lot has changed in HA since then. Could be that the component is simply not compatible with that version.

thats what i done…

if i click find update HA sais there is no update.
Is there an easy way to update without dataloss?

Here’s common tasks you can perform for the core installation method (update being one of them)

wow, what a crazy update torture…
but finally it works (both, update and bestway) !!

I hope the update reminder of HA and also the Update Function works next time!

After the update I have one Error Message left:

Bitte verschiebe die Konfiguration auf den „mqtt“-Integrationsschlüssel und starte Home Assistant neu, um dieses Problem zu beheben. Weitere Informationen

manually MQTT’s…

How should i “move the mqtt-config to the Integration key” ?

IIRC those entities don’t work with core. It’s all manual when you use the core installation.

There’s a years worth of breaking changes that you need to fix. Check out the MQTT examples to see how each one should be configured now. You shouldn’t have platform: mqtt anywhere in your config from this point forward.